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Themes: Interdisciplinary   English   seminar   HSE   2010  
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Dr. Struyk will cover the types of articles that are published and then focus on those that involve reporting the results of an empirical investigation, rather than a pure theory or policy piece. He will cover the structure of a typical article and talk more extensively about three key sections: literature review, presentation of findings, and conclusions. Other topics to be covered include selection of the journal to submit a paper and interpreting and acting on referees’ comments. Practical examples will be offered throughout. Raymond Struyk is a Senior Fellow NORC at the University of Chicago. Before that he was principally at the Urban Institute in Washington, where he worked on strengthening social safety nets, active labor market programs, housing sector reform, and the institutional development of think tanks. For three years he served at the U.S. Ministry [Department] of Housing and Urban Development as the Deputy Assistant Minister for Research and Evaluation. From 1992 until the fall of 1998 he was resident in Russia, directing the USAID-supported housing sector reform program. Other resident advisory positions have been in Egypt, Hungary and Germany. He is the author of about 150 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 30 books. Mr. Struyk has been of member of the Board of Trustees at the Institute for Urban Economics since 1995. He is presently on the editorial board of seven journals. Mr. Struyk received his PhD in economics from Washington University in St. Louis.

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