Watching video "Переосмысление "линейного мира" Алесины и Сполаоре: существование миграционно-устойчивого разбиения на страны для произвольно распределённого населения"

Lecturer: Savvateev Alexei
Themes: seminar   CInSt   2009  
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It will be proved that for any distribution of population over the unit segment with density which is continuous and bounded away from zero, there exists a consecutive partition into countries that is migration-proof, i.e. such that no individual is willing to change his/her country. This was implicitly conjectured by Alesina and Spolaore in the conclusion to their seminal paper (Alesina & Spolaore, 1997). The proof utilizes the celebrated Gale and Nikaido's lemma, which is known from the proof of the existence of competitive Walrasian equilibrium.


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